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  • Andrea Cleopatra

    CEO (Blk X Market) and stylist

    5 years experience 0 events worked 0$ earned

    Blk X Market offers custom up-cycled and luxury streetwear. We also provide embroidery services.

  • Akilah Thomas


    4 years experience 0 events worked 0$ earned

    I vend Italian Water Ice, great for those hot Georgia summer months.  Perfect for kiddie events, festivals, etc.

  • Alexandria Michelle Courtney


    15 years experience 0 events worked 0$ earned


    We serve hand churned ice cream, snowy shaved ice, scratch made fudgy brownies á la mode, scooped to order ice cream sandwiches, and moist cupcakes! 

    C3D-CREAMERY.square.site/ @C3D_CREAMERY C3D.CREAMERY@gmail.com 4046237500 

  • Shay Holloway

    Artist - Muralist - Live Painter

    4 years experience 0 events worked 0$ earned

    My work is often rooted in my interest in energy manipulation, the vast energetic forces that we co-create with within the universe, and psychology. I believe that everything in this world begins as nothing but pure energy with the potential to become whatever we want it to become in the physical. So before I begin any paintings, I spend time observing color and lines, and the ways they are used in physical spaces to convey moods and conjure up certain…

  • Freelancer Test


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  • Patrick Latting

    BidBee Founder

    0 years experience 1 project worked 0$ earned

    Hi! I’m the founder of BidBee, and this is a test account. Very happy with how the platform is working!